[bird’s nest red jujube] _ of practice of the daily life of a family of _ of red jujube of _ bird’s nest makes methodological –

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Bird’s nest and red jujube are the food that healthy expert recommends, so conditional person mights as well at ordinary times can eat more, to enjoy richer delicate, want to know the method of cate of a bird’s nest and make it of red jujube collocation, if you are returned won’t if will learn at once.

Bird's nest red jujube how make it cate is ability delicious?

One, the practice of bird’s nest red jujube

1, swallow small cup, small cup of 2-3 of preparation of left and right sides of a 7 grams

2, burden: Red jujube rock candy

3, prepare a bowl big, use bubble hair bird’s nest

4, enter distilled water or mineShanghai noble baby

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Spring, water wants dip to cross bird’s nest. Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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5, bubble hair, if miscellaneous wool is much, should carry wash clean, bubble hair process should change water a few times repeatedly bubble sends 2-3 the hour just begins stew

6, this is bubble the effect after hair

7, prepare to stew handleless cup

8, water puts 2/3 to because the material in the process of evaporate is met,expand with respect to OK. Want to lie between water to stew.

9, the 1/2 that water puts the handleless cup that stew is OK, lie between water to stew 30-50 minute by time of set of each one be fond of

10, had stewed mouth of tender Hua Shuang to be full of albumen flavour.

Bird's nest red jujube how make it cate is ability delicious?

2, nutrient value

The hormone that bird’s nest contains stimulative segmentation and skin grow factor, can promote reins afterbirth second birth, enhance immune ability, increase a bodyShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Body resists to what radiation of X smooth etc damages ability, the protein class status with unique bird’s nest and organization of human body of conduce of element of active of many living things grow development, disease hind recovers from an illness, can raise shade, moisten the respiratory tract, raise colour, defer consenescence, and clear empty is heated up, control empty damage, haematemesis, long to haemoptysis expectoration breathes heavily, deficiency of yin with irritability is calorific etc bring about body fluid to take off the disease that break to have favorable effect.

Bird's nest red jujube how make it cate is ability delicious?

3, applicable crowd

The men and women is old young all appropriate.

1, weak of empty of old person, constitution, postpartum or lactation woman and love are beautiful lady more appropriate.

2, children careful feed; Avoid of the lobar stomach Xu Han, wet person that stop phlegmy sluggish to reach evil having funeral is used.

4, small stick person

With evaporateShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Water of heat up in a steamer or bird’s nest of mineral water bubble is better, as far as possible clear brief, hold raw ingredient, not too flowery. Grow up every time the deal of edible bird’s nest had better be 3-5 gram, do not have an insatiable desire for much, it is advisable that average a week eats twice, be being fed more is profitless actually.

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