[abstain from from food of the children that shut disease] _ shuts food of _ of contraindication of food of _ of disease _ child to abstain from oneself –

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Shut disease to be called alone disease again oneself, the men and women comes on thanShanghai night net

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Exemple it is 4:1 about, this kind of disease is more incidental at children. General among every 10 thousand children, shut disease oneself with respect to what about 5 children have different rate, the boy has the possibility that goes up to shut disease oneself bigger. Children suffers from after shutting disease oneself, the parent ought to offer the child more care, encourage the child to face the life actively, want to have reasonable improvement to the child’s food at the same time. A few food that look to shut disease child oneself below are no-no.

What does contraindication have from food of the children that shut disease

Corn edibles: The corn food that we say basically points to barley, oaten wait with rye make1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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food. Do not include rice and potato to wait for us often of edible feed1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Content. Accordingly, the parent that shuts disease oneself should notice to avoid child edible as far as possible allForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Be like black bread, oatmeal, cooked wheaten food kind (like steamed bread, steamed stuffed bun, biscuit) of and so on1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Salicylate food: Contain the food with salicylic fast composition to have undesirable effect to shutting disease patient oneself. Because salicylic acid is right,the gastric bowel path of human body has serious negative effect, meet those who bring about enteron can be connected appear a gender to increase, these food include orange, orange, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad shaddock, citric, tomato to wait. Be worth those who warn the parent is, aspirin also contains many salicylic acid. Accordingly, the parent should notice to avoid to eat this kind of food to the child as far as possible not only, also do not use aspirin as far as possible when child cold has a fever.

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Casein food: Because shut disease children to cannot decompose the casein in milk thoroughly oneself, cause the increase of short peptide catenary that opium active contains inside enteron, affect their symptom thereby, accordingly, control does not eat from the children that shut disease or eating milk products less as far as possible is advantageous to them. Besides, still egg, delicacy suckles the food such as ride roughshod over of cake, cheese, ice, yoghurt to contain a lot ofcasein as much, the parent should control its child to be absorbed to these alimental. Those who be worth to put forward is, because milk contains rich nutrition, accordingly the parent is controlling these alimental at the same time, should notice compensatory and of all kinds substitute, the grandma that be like a beans or vegetable.

Shutting disease oneself is a kind of chronic illness, generally speaking, later poorer, what 2/3 controls shut the life that disease child lifetime cannot become independent oneself, need others is taken care of and conserve. Use language communication rarely at ordinary times from the child that shut disease, studying result is very bad more, and intelligence quotient photograph has certain drawback to normal child. Hold to cure for a long time to be able to get definite improvement from the course that shut disease.

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