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Coccygeal to pubic bones flesh is a very main area, having very great value to the function of sexual life, pubic and coccygeal muscle can exercise in the life, the help restores the insecurity of pelvic flesh, can have effect of very good sexual health care. So how had taken exercise!

Search follow the position

Concrete step is, find pubic and coccygeal flesh above all. Pubic and coccygeal flesh is between double leg, these two sarcous can be experienced to exist when contractive rectum and vaginaLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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When your micturition, you interrupt make water intentionally to flow, also be these muscle are in effective.

Concrete step

After becoming you to be able to decide these sarcous exist, can undertake as follows practicing:

Lie on his back on the bed, insert a finger the vagina gently, loosen the body as far as possible right now, contract again actively next muscle clamp finger, inspiratory when compressor flesh, you can feel the wrap up power that muscle adversary points toForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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 How does pubic and coccygeal flesh take exercise

When loosening muscle, expiratory, repeat a few times repeatedly.

Every time muscle contracts 3 seconds continuously, loosen 3 seconds next.

 How does pubic and coccygeal flesh take exercise

Can take out finger now, and continue practice loosening compressor flesh.

Center energy to experience sarcous systole and loosen, gradually from constrictive muscle 5 seconds arrive contract 10 seconds.

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Want to use ability of a few weeks of time to achieve this goal about.

 How does pubic and coccygeal flesh take exercise

If should undertake Kaijier,the exercise wants 6 weeks to last at least.

When the exercise if can contract with loosen freely, the rapid change that can have arriving from systole relaxation practices, achieve can contract inside a second loosen each. Exercise vagina muscle is additionally outwardShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Push below send also have certain sense.

Should nod

When just beginning a practice, can lie on his back on the bed, the body is loosened, dedicated the movement that contracts at carrying anus.

What should notice particularly is double leg, double buttock, abdominal muscle cannot exert oneself to do sth. .

After the contractive start that experiences pelvic heart muscle, will contractive movement is dedicated in the vagina, make water on, repeating the frequency that shrinks to be put continuously.


Do pelvic heart muscle to move everyday 1 ~ 2, every answer 10 minutes.

Last when the exercise when 6 ~ are controlled 8 weeks, not only the position that vaginal muscle can present to stretch tight relatively closely, also meet to vaginal susceptibility somewhat promotional.

When after adroitness, do this motion to be able to undertake at any time and place, sit, stand or be it is OK to lying.

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