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Reducing weight often is the topic that place of a lot of woman often discusses, female friend wants to have perfect figure, wanting disaccord leg department especially, often meet all the more the curve that cares it, nevertheless sometimes the effect that a few methods reducing weight had done not have so we introduce a kind.

How is leg of bird of decrescent of leg of 5 days of elephant done

Sedentary and stay up late, eat salt to wait for habits and customs too much, can let a leg stop a lot of moisture, look thicker and thicker. When wanting to sitting only so, can arrange1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Massage oneself ham, metabolize in order to help moisture.

How is leg of bird of decrescent of leg of 5 days of elephant done

Massage gimmick:


Sitting position, both hands begins to go to from kneeLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Ham direction does straight formula to massage, repeat 5 times.


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Go to by knee likewise ham direction, but should clip ham with tiger’s mouth-jaws of death, slide toward two side from the center massage, repeat 5 times change across.

Yi benevolence water:

Yi benevolence water is the thin leg food that hairdressing king big S recommends strongly. Drink Yi benevolence water in the morning normally, can feel make water is much afternoon, or was to drink a lot of Yi today benevolence water, lie between a day to be met a large number of micturition. Yi benevolence water can help the moisture with eduction redundant body, tighten real curve, still can beautiful white. Inn of a lot of breakfast has soya-bean milk of Mai Yi benevolence. #p# subhead #e#

3, beautification leg ministry curve

Some MM may have deep love for motion as a child, when the gift when loving beautiful age is unexpected awareness already moved oneself excessive bring about skin leg. How should be muscle leg changed. We collect the following kinds of classical methods for you, when be free, might as well try, should remember holding to period of time.

How is leg of bird of decrescent of leg of 5 days of elephant done

The first kind:

1, sit on the ground, double leg is patted bury, take the side outside calling double leg gently with fist.

2, stretch double leg again, dab with fist double leg inside.

The 2nd kind:

1, both hands is smooth put underground, roughly as parallel as the shoulder, around leg crosses a stride.

2, press hip downward, the arrow that become an old unit of length for measuring land, a hip rises to come again after lasting 5 seconds. Around leg is exchanged1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Redo, every edge is done 10 times. Can finish first just do across at the same time. Notice head of hind leg genu wants as far as possible unbend.

The 3rd kind:

1, genuflect has sat, crus as far as possible ham of press close to and hip, both hands puts back.

2, lay down slowly, till show consideration for underground personally, both hands is smooth put beside. The movement is maintained 15 to 30 seconds. Daily do.

The 4th kind:

1, jackknife of double leg across sits on the ground, both hands is put in front.

2, press the body ahead slowly, the neck should look downward with the head, maintain 15 to 30 seconds. Or so leg exchanges jackknife redo.

The MM that wants to have birdie leg people, adopt at once above upright for everybodyFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The thin leg movement of carry on, insist to take exercise, everybody can have perfect figure and leg model.

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