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Physical training can let our body get very good improvement, crouching greatly among them is a the simplest kind of method that take exercise, and also can undertake indoors, do not need overmuch space to also won’t affect someone else at the same time, among them barbell crouchs greatly is a kind of the commonnest motion, but we must master good method ability to achieve better result, an understanding falls how to drill barbell crouchs greatly below.

How experienced barbell crouchs greatly

How experienced barbell is deep crouch

? One, prop up crouch greatly: The upper part after barbell is located in, two arms unbend, with wider grasp be apart from prop up barbell, drill next crouch greatly. When propping up, deltoid and inclined square flesh are tightened up as far as possible, fixed shoulder blade and antebrachium of; of the upper arm come back inside, make elbow eagle mouth enters; of accipitral mouth nest to the upper arm triceps is tightened up, fixed ancon is articulatory, finish ” lock shoulder ” movement. In the meantime, wrist, ancon, shoulder, the upper part of the body should be with barbell inside same plane, the head a bit extension forward, with benefit balance, solid used in combination with the Heavenly Stems to designate years props up barbell. Prop up crouch the difficulty with have certain greatly, Shanghai noble baby

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Stability is relatively inferior, the joint such as the ankle of the person that the requirement practices, coxa, shoulder has good flexibility otherwise the not easy and right movement that finish. Although can make a motion, expression is loather also. Besides, lose as a result of upper limbs force at lower limbs, reason place uses weight general also requirement of sarcous of short of experienced lower limbs. If weight is too great, need to be put in crouch greatly frame go up or assist by otherA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Raise. Additional, the place such as the upper limbs in the process that prop up, shoulder exerts oneself to do sth. much, use up big, barbell is not centered to stimulation of lower limbs sarcous, effect effect. Accordingly, use lesser commonly in strong and handsome training prop up crouch greatly.

? Prop up the advantage that crouchs greatly to depend on:

? Can expand the flexibility of relevant joint and power effectively, increase the articulatory firm sex such as shoulder, ancon. Can expand systemic sarcous power effectively, the ministry that take exercise is more, be helpful for the body developing well-balanced and harmoniously.

? Education, raise fluctuation limb to coordinate emphatic ability.

? 2, before crouch greatly: Barbell is before the neck, the proper place of horizontal bar is to be put on clavicle and two shoulders deltoid, in order to make barbell weight by carry 3:0. Two ancon are raised, ancon joint is located in before horizontal bar vertical plane, the upper arm approachs a level as far as possible, make deltoid toe-int can hold more weight in the palm (actually deltoid susceptive weight can achieve 70% above) . Want to tighten up a waist to carry flesh on the back at the same time, the upper part of the body straight, look up, mandibleShanghai Long Feng forum

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Small close, make gross weight heart adjacent or pass center of the area that prop up, in order to assure behavioral stability.

? Before the place demand that stays greatly to place to horizontal bar is accurate:

? If the flexibility of joint of wrist, ancon, shoulder is poorer, finish two ancon not easily to carry equal movement, often ancon closes1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Section and horizontal bar are in same vertical plane, barbell is put relatively below, fall in clavicle directly, even on the bosom. Such propping up, weight won’t be very great, time also won’t grow long, still can cause clavicle or bosom tenderness. Barbell is put aside relatively before, can increase shade the arm of force, increase trunk to prop up the difficulty that secures barbell with two arms. Barbell is put aside so that lean in, horizontal bar will be oppressive tracheal and carotid, go toLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Into breath difficulty or head offer hematic inadequacy, bring about easily faint. See not hard, before the flexibility demand that stays pair of joint greatly is higher, outside dividing joint of ankle, coxa, shoulder, the flexibility of joint of wrist, ancon and force also want very strong. because such, before barely of very much spare and strong and handsome lover is finished stay an action greatly, the to bosom pressure before returning somebody to feel barbell puts a neck is inevitable, very depressive, breath is difficult, bear hard, abandon this one movement practicing consequently.

? The advantage that crouchs greatly depends on before can more effective, Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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More drill centrally a quadriceps, can improve the body to concern the function of place at the same time. Accordingly, the person that practice should overcome difficulty to finish this one movement to practice.

The body that although can let us,barbell crouchs greatly becomes more healthy, but must master good method, the introduction that to how experienced barbell crouchs greatly is above, after passing understanding, we know how to practice barbell crouching can more effective fruit greatly, it is certain to want to improve the body through motion additionally ah the effect with insist to undertake ability has taking exercise better.

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