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Skip is OK and able-bodied our body, still can burn adipose, achieve the goal of body of model reducing weight. Children undertakes skip, the growth that can spur skeleton grows, old person and emaciated person classicsA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Often practice skip, enhance a constitution, prevent a disease. But the time that also should note skip and motion1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Quantity. Above all general outdoors undertakes skip, breathing amount is large, need the air with good quality, and skip is unsuited had not come out to undertake in the sun, after the sun comes out, the plant just releases oxygen, air is betterShanghai night net

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. The person with overweight weight is unfavorable also skip, ministry of meeting injury leg is articulatory. Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Skip can exercise what muscle

Via research of domestic and international expert, skip has favorable stimulative effect to heart function, it can let blood obtain more oxygen, make cardiovascular system keeps strong with health. The action reducing weight of skip also is very remarkable, it can bear fruit systemic muscle, those who eliminate hip and ham to go up is redundant and adipose, make body ceaseless and strong and handsome, can make a movement nimble, steady the centre of gravity of the body. Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Skip can enhance human body heart and vessels, breath and neurological function. Skip can be promotional development of human body organ, be beneficial to health of body and mind, improve the health, development is intellective, abound the life, improve integral quality. The systemic motion when skip and hand grasp the stringy stimulation to big toe point, can enhance the vigor of cerebral cell greatly, raise thinking and imagination, because this skip also is the optimal choice of be good at head.

Skip is the campaign with carry very big momentum, arrive to what can take exercise all over, because ready-made wants before this motion. Especially the big joint of the body, if joint of ankle, shoulder wants an activity,leave harm is caused in just can avoid to moving. If this campaign has in the winter, so prevent a cold with respect to the attention. Perspired should decrease the dress, move to want to brush sweat in time, clad.

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