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Article introduction

Leg ministry is human body walks the body position with significant activity. If leg ministry appears the symptom of the disease, or the circumstance that the function appeared to drop. So to normal operation it is very adverse. The circumstance such as serious leg ministry illness still may cause the body to have break down wait for a symptom to appear. Must notice to undertake leg ministry takes exercise appropriately so. So what does the sport that exercises leg ministry power have? We come to everybody below well below the introduction.

How is the sport that exercises leg ministry power chosen

? Ran is one of the mankind’s mainest motion items, also be the method with the most fundamental strength of exercise leg ministry.

? Ran law is all sorts of methods that enhance leg ministry power with ran for radical movement way.

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? Ran is dash, middle-distance race, long-distance running according to be apart from accident to be able to be divided; Base area form is different can divide run for flat, country runs, Campagna runs, highland runs, highway runs, the playground runs; Differ according to assembling can divide for bare-handed run, load run; Differ according to breath cent runs to do not have oxygen and can oxygen runs.

? Main way is as follows:

? 1. 30 ~ run 60 meters quickly, gearshift runs: Basically be to exercise the instant of leg ministry to erupt force, increase the flexibility of footwork, enhance the starting rate of leg law. When the requirement is running quickly, spent and main, increase move about arm, run with the rapiddest rate move. When gearshift runs, should start abrupt, start strong.

? 2. Strong slope runs: Strong uphill advocateLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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If practice placing the frequency of the leg, rushing down slope basically is the extent that practices placing a leg. Long general choice is in slope 30 ~ 60 meters. Strong slope runs, basically be increase leg ministry erupt force.

? 3. Step runs: According to the height of step, choose one pace to run how many step. If chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position is high, run one by one with respect to the choice, can increase the frequency of the flexibility of footwork and change foot so; If stageLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Rank low, cross a few step to run with respect to the choice, the outbreak that can enhance leg ministry better so force.

? 4. Bind sandbag to run: According to actual condition of the individual, him choice is rightFall in love with the sea

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Sanded leg wrappings will undertake leg ministry force takes exercise. Hold to for a long time, can enhance the endurance of leg ministry and power.

? 5. The vest that wear sand runs, method, effect is Alexandrine.

? 6. 15 meters fold return run: Fold back and forth on 15 meters distance return run, with the outbreak that will raise leg ministry force is mixed the speed of the instant that start.

? 7. Long-distance running: The long-distance running of 3 kilometers above, basically exercise the staying power of leg ministry, strengthen the power base that leg minister time moves. Move about arm and breath basically notice when long-distance running, and manual allocation.

? The sport that exercises leg ministry power is above of the introduction these. In common when we are OK will choose appropriate method to undertake taking exercise according to oneself actual body circumstance. This1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Can let leg ministry have better power, to health this is very important. Want to undertake reasonably taking exercise additionally, do not move the amount is too large, do not have advantage to the body otherwise.

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