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Gastric 凉 bilges catch cold catch cold of intestines and stomach causes energy of life, at that time we should avoid to eat the food of raw or cold food, want to eat the food of a few lukewarm sexesLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
, and have a meal when want to nibble slow pharynx, the assimilation that still can drink the stimulative intestines and stomach such as rice water and white vinegar and antiseptic. We want to avoid catch cold catch cold of intestines and stomach to bilge angry symptom, we notice abdominal heat preservation with respect to need, good abdomen should be built when sleeping in the late evening, and should eat the peristalsis of a few vegetable stimulative intestines and stomach more.

The stomach is cool bilge how does gas do

How does flatus do hind of catch cold catch cold

1, to nibble slow pharynx

To nibble slow pharynx answers when having a meal, do not stretch mouth mastication or edge to eat an edge to talk, the edge has a meal to drink boiling water by the side of, they all cause digestive problem easily to bring bilge gas.

2, chew rice water

Angry to bilging, exhaust reachs rice water and big burgoo the breakdown such as brash is virtual. The rice that adds with 5 water (millet or barley) , boil 10 minutes. Lid of the boiler on the lid stews 50 minutes again slow. Filter, after refrigeration, one day is drunk several times.

3, drink vinegar

With one spoon pure malic vinegar adds a cup of water, in prandial when sip, peptic. A cup of lemonade also can be drunk first when the morning gets up, it also has the effect of cure and clear blood.

The stomach is cool bilge how does gas do

4, eat fume bean

If you likeLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
Eat bean, do not hope to bilge again gas, you teach here one settles way. Legume is met it seems that in water the material that prediction of a person’s luck in a given year produces gas for the most part. Consider to show, immerse bean 12 hours, or enclothe 24 hours with wet paper towel, can reduce the compound content that produces gas substantially. After be being boiled with pressure cooker, immerse 30 minutes again, can reduce this kind of compound of 90% more. Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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How to prevent the stomach bilges

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby

1, eat tall fiber food less

Tall fiber food if potato, cooked wheaten food, legume, and the vegetable such as cabbage, beautiful dish, onion, gas is produced easily in ministry of intestines and stomach, bring about finally abdominal distension.

2, do not eat stodgy food

Fry the rigid food such as beans, hard thin pancake made of millet flour to be digested not easily, the time that stops in gastric bowel is longer also, Shanghai noble baby

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The possibility arises more gas to cause abdominal distension.

The stomach is cool bilge how does gas do

3, the habit with voracious change

Take food too fast, or the edge walks along an edge to eat, easy belt swallows many air; commonly used straw drinks beverage to also can let a large number of air slip into gastric ministry, cause abdominal distension.

Actually the flatus after catch cold catch cold still has those who settle way, want everybody to be not being borne to death in that way only go, everybody undertakes those who come down solve or can let his intestines and stomach very well loosen according to afore-mentioned method, best nevertheless method or everybody are ferial in do not want catch cold catch cold, such intestines and stomach not won’t uncomfortable, so the key is returnedA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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It is to must rely on him everybody to notice.

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