[hind the back has a skin nigrescent it is how to return a responsibility] – of origin of _ inducement _

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Have some of person him discovery hind it is nigrescent that the back has a few skins, this is whether is should noticing carelessly scientific food causes, because if compare a preference,take these alimental words that contain a lot ofzincic iron copper, cause the skin easily nigrescent, return those who have remedy to make in order to reachs black, precipitation also may cause this kind of symptom, it is so after understanding reason, we can know how to prevent.

The back has a skin after nigrescent it is how to return a responsibility

1, zinc, copper, iron is contained a lot ofin loving eating food. Certain food also is an apple of discord that the skin blackens, the food that contains a lot ofthe tantalum such as copper, iron, zinc hasForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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This malpractice. These metals yuanShanghai Long Feng forum

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Element but direct or indirect land increases to make acid of ammonia of the cheese ammonia acid that concern, cheese with melanin enzymatic the amount that waits for material and active. These food basically have animal liver, kidney, ostracean, shrimp, crab, legume, walnut, black sesame seed, currant.

The back has a skin after nigrescent it is how to return a responsibility

2, medicaments kisses and melanin. Many medicaments also should change normal complexion. Be like chloricShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The affinity of pigment is strong, aggravating color of skin is black change; The person that take quinine makes an appointment with the patient of 10% spot of pigment of facial occurrence blue. Composed drug is the oldest to menace of color of skin, spot of face of the person that take for long, cervical occurrence butterfly, the place such as the arm shows palm ash, shallow blue or shallow purple. In addition, use the paste that contain mercury repeatedly, also can leave brown pigment in ill affected part. The medicaments that change of color of skin causes in anticarcinogen is more.

The back has a skin after nigrescent it is how to return a responsibility

3, certain disease is inducement. Many diseases can change normal complexion, make its blacken. Compare among them common1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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have internal system disease, chronic use up disease of sexual disease, hidebound sex to wait. These disease can make the skin becomes Brown or dark Brown, distributing to wait at face, the back of hand, joint expose the place such as place or press press attrition particularly apparent. Be like chronic liver disease again, can cause facial Huang Heban or blacken all round orbit.

4, environment hurts the skin. The culprit is ultraviolet ray, it stimulates the melanin in the skin, cause the skin pathological change such as fleck, even if Zuo day, “Ultraviolet ray ” also still intense. Ultraviolet ray can bring about the skin to blacken, anile, bring about skin furrow. The human skin reaction to ultraviolet ray, in acute reaction respect is cause the skin aglow, suntan reaction and the cuticular ply that increase skin, in slow response respect, can bring about skin consenescence.

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