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Depressed disease is the common psychological spirit disease in the crowd, mostly too much pressure brings about depressed disease patient, depressed disease patient is mixed when coming on normal person as good as, if come on,can reject to communicate with alien, often the mood is low, feel to live no point, serious person return tendency of meeting occurrence suicide, what does the semiotic characteristic that will understand depressed disease below have?

The semiotic characteristic of depressed disease

Feature one: Sensitive, self-abased

Depressed disease patient erupts easily to a few bagatelle beside mood, become special angst, irratable, psychosis is very poor also. Want to do a thing for instance, always want to had done it in the heart, can be cannot be carried out quickly however, to oneself this kind is twisted cling to condition is very self-condemned, slowly, the interest feeling to the thing can drop, thinking ability also begins to become poor.

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Many nightmare, be addicted to sleeps

“Every evening party awakes 4 arrive 5 times, total him feeling sleeps enough, also unlike is insomnia, and oneself consciousness also happened unbalanced ” a depressed disease patient is such descriptions fromShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Morpheus circumstance of oneself. Actually patient of very much depressed disease is put in sleep-disorder, often awake easily in the middle of the night, begin kink to be in his depressed mood next. Still regular meeting of classics of a few depressed patients becomes nightmare, the mood after awaking is met special sadness, still some patients are met very be addicted to sleeps, one the world comes, how to sleep insufficient, this kind of phenomenon is called ” sleep more model depressed disease ” .

Feature 3: Tired out, atonic

Depressed performance besides emotionally, also have the change on the body. Do everything without giving thought to above all, the patient can feel very tired out, also feel ability not equal to one’s ambition, the thing that is very interested before repeatedly also is done now without vigor. Not only such, depressed patient often still can feel systemic ache is mixed1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Giddy phenomenon, perhaps eat and drink too much without what appetite. For patient of depressed to the part female, the likelihood returns the case with meeting disorder menstruate.

The semiotic characteristic of depressed disease

Feature 4: Him harm

This is the expression with depressed most dangerous disease, the patient can make the thing that has harm to the body and life. Because they feel their existence had done not have value to this world, do not think socialization, want to let oneself only a person is being waited for, often this moment, the thought of commit suicide appears very easily.

How be far from depressed disease?

1, psychology of have the aid of coachs

If there is the obstacle that cannot span all the time in the heart, the psychokinesis that does not want to use oneself only goes conquer, if cannot be accomplished, generated depressed sentiment very easily, at that time, can psychology of have the aid of coachs, the psycho personage that lets major offers a proposal.

2, encourage oneself more

Some people can not do a thing possibly good because of oneself, and feel self-condemned, the target that perhaps decides to oneself is too big, do not experience setback and blow. Actually a lot of moment are in bring vexation on self, need not too exacting oneself, believe oneself can have been done.

The semiotic characteristic of depressed disease

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3, attend collective, recreational activities

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Want to feel oneself are very dissocial, actually you try to talk with stranger, other people will be very happy become a friend with you. Might as well enter activity of socialization of a few good body and mind more, for instance activity of commonweal, sport. Let oneself become moreShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Optimistic, loosen the mood.

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