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Every arrive summer when weather is torrid, people to alleviate burning hot, can recall a lot of way, open air conditioning refrigeration for instance, the water that drink ice drops the temperature inside body, most still is to rely on fan blow a cold wind over to solve heat, blow air cooling a little while to be able to see hot weather temporarily, but the time that play is too longNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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, so the time of blow a cold wind over not too should long, so how does the feeling that air cooling plays headache to do?

Air cooling is blown headache

1, after once infantile convulsions is cold,having a headache, must notice heat preservation, prevent feeling cold for many times, have a headache otherwise meeting aggravate, and cause chronic splitting headache easily.

2, the person that easy chill has a headache, often the constitution is poor, have a bit carelessly, with respect to meeting feeling wind. Consequently, notice compensatory nutrition at ordinary times, strengthen the body to take exercise, enhancing a constitution just is kingcraft.

3, the home remedy that the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine has a lot of dispel the wind however, accordingly, a lot of people like a net to go up or be place of relatives and friends seeks home remedy, next oneself buy medicine to finish sth according to sheet. Actually, such practice is not desirable.

Air cooling is blown headache

The circumstance difference such as each one fitness is very big, be used consequentlyLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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medicine of dispel the wind also discrepant, had better use drug according to his circumstance, so, should use Chinese traditional medicine dispel the wind is painful, the proposal looks for doctor examine to pass first, follow the doctor’s advice again buy drug.

4, the person with more serious chill of a few feeling, often can accompany heavy cold, this kind of circumstance must not treat sth lightly, cannot pure regard as feeling wind will handle, had better beg cure to ask medicine, did not delay, lest protracted injury body, especially the body young crowd such as puerpera of child, pregnant and old people, punish is undeserved and sequential very serious.

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5, general feeling limelight is painful, can use sudoriferous Falaizhi1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Cure. The principle is very simple, think method gives a suit to heat up sweat namely can. Those who need an attention is, sudoriferous hind need notices heat preservation, lest be heated up one cold more hurt a body.

6, room heat preservation, build thick bedding again, unconscious head sleeps greatly, this is the simplest sudoriferous method. If conditional, go evaporate sauna, cope with feeling wind to have a headache very effective also.

7, besides physical method sudoriferous, also can pass food and drink sudoriferous. The most commonly used is Jiang Cong, particular way is a Jiang Cong dolly adds salt to mix divide evenly (still can add bit of field mint) again, the mix in the hot congee that is put into boiling hot next is even, take the advantage of heat to eat immediately, eat 3 bowls two, heat up all overForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Sweat is good.

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