World fine release questionnaire of classical IP relevant investigation to plan to revive land much platform?

The Atlus before this ever released a ser爱上海龙凤419桑拿

ies of investigation questionnaire to give a player, will to it suffer numerous group to refer the question that concerns existent game IP. Included a player to whether want to see on VR, mobile, PC, PS4 and Switch the news that makes newly is waited a moment. And look nowadays fine Sega also does not think the parent company world of Atlus backward Yu Chao flows, henceforth the likelihood wants to change attitude. World fine those who release is newest an investigation questionnaire, also with respect to a lot of classical worlds the problem of fine IP to players ask a question, for instance ” dreamy star ” , ” bear爱上海同城

Shibobi ” , ” angry iron fist ” , ” Sha wood ” , ” oriental cherry big fight ” , ” super monkey ball ” , ” dead house ” , ” mad taxi ” , ” like dragon ” and ” Suo Ni. And the content of the inquiry in questionnaire上海千花社区

included series restart, and the transplanting to contemporary lead plane, and about transplanting, the key depends on Switch platform of Ren Tiantang apparently. All sorts of worlds fine cla上海龙凤论坛

ssical IP considers an age fine vermicelli made from bean starch people complai上海同城对对碰交友社区

n to classical IP study full life fine oneself also are the heart knows abdomen bright, although a lot of people think world fine be being done in processing and the respect that safeguard classical IP is not all the time very follow to go up times, but in the experience of competitive pressure and Atlus smell double action falls, world fine上海千花社区

shoud be able to let classical IP get reviving on contemporary lead plane. Mentioned interested circumjacent birth even

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