” D10 ” 6.17 not hero of cutout archives test is preterhuman gas skin general view

Brand-new MOBA end swims ” D10 ” will at formal on June 17 open not cutout archives checks, lead fast rhythm extremely fast new era of MOBA flying a group! This swim newly to be cost by much benefit network several years research and development, the hero is diversiform 100 change, the skin is elegant unsurpassed, the hot-blooded round battle of dripping wet of a merry and lively is about to pull open prelusive!

Meierdu is the demon that comes from beautiful crown city, she kind-hearted often altruistic deliverance body is in the people in ailment and never collection any pay. If the disease is mixed catastrophic, allow worldly dark and constant growth, then she is willing to exhaust oneself total force, the person in helping those be immersed in darkness lights a light and hope afresh. Sweet heart advocate sowed skin whole shows pink department, of pink of brushy glove, pink act the role of article, lovely and attractive modelling, let a person feel warm power.

Leather skin is Meierdu’s little sister, the bacca that her name skin skin skips in the means in demon language, differ with the Meierdu of undemonstrative introversion, leather skin from small audacious. This skin behaved small corpse adequately leather skin demon is eccentric, lively good the nature that alter, she plays the part of the doggie that chasing after bud bud into ground of small corpse skipping and hopping, there is smile on the face, was full of interest of Tong Zhen child.

The panda person of bud bud, the wine of the white be addicted to that do not have care that comes from heavy Sha Dao is like a life, come out to walk, wine does not leave a body! Form signs or feeling of getting drunk is not drunk, ask the fault is his pet phrase to below the rod, do not see the look of a pair of his simple and honest simple minded, his kongfu but good! Look, he is drunk again much, carrying wine jar single-handed, taking double cut stick single-handed, stride should hit a tiger!

1000 leaves come from mysterious east, seeing her is a petite beautiful girl, she is having powerful and real power however, it is a dye-in-the-wood person that exceed capacity. This not, 1000 leaves suddenly change one’s identity is reincarnate Persia girl, returned call to give lamp look unexpectedly! She the long hair with an elegant dark blue, wear the dress that is full of different region amorous feelings, wave livelily as rhythm, fluctuate all over not without sending out glamorous sheen.

Zheng Kong is cavalier of billow of one distinguished personages, he reached the degree of by superb to the realization of knife meaning. Knife a scabbard, see blood surely, below his knife, never take a prisoner who can furnish information. Below the skin of Trojan of this massacre dragon is Zheng Kong fighting with evil Long Ji, his body wraps around battle armour, hold long knife. Sending out all over breathtaking battle meaning, oath and evil dragon fight to the bitter end.

” D10 ” – much benefit network is newest MOBA net swims high-quality goods, include true to battle environment, battlefield of beautiful scenery of diversity the four seasons, free talent, double major move, pull wind to sit ride etc play a way. Game original creation goes out hero of characteristic of battle of 3 skill, fast rhythm, sterling China, take a player to appreciate this the paragraph is brand-new the distinctive glamour of MOBA.

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