Does the hand rip Ao Ding? Rely on chart to explode makings person puts a word to say ” Ares 4 ” the story goes to boreal Europe

Holy Mo Ni blocks attack by surprise of cloak of side hide from view, ” Ares 4 ” it is a quite ambiguous existence up to now to us. Not long ago is famous nevertheless explode makings person Shinobi602 is pushing however go up especially gave off a few about ” Ares 4 ” the heavy pound message of setting set: Kui father wants a hand probably to rip all boreal Europe gods!

Shinobi602 is being pushed a few hours ago go up to expose to the sun very indescribably especially give to pass rainbow bridge. . . , although appear,make a person incomprehensible quite, but the player that is familiar with this fellow already acumen ground nose a game explodes the breath of makings. Just as one would expect, shinobi602 did not make us much wait, released below half trend to cover with tiles Er with a ha presses holy hall after quarter, special # ” Ares 4 ” . If you are not familiar with Waerhala, so Vicki this paragraph of explanation of 100 divisions is adequate make you clear: Waerhala (Valhalla) it is the heaven in boreal Europe myth, also free translation makes shrine of spirit of a martyr; Of administer war, art and dead advocate divine Ao Ding commands female military spirit Waerjili brings the soldier of spirit of a martyr of be killed in battle here to wait upon, enjoy lasting happiness.

Although not be authoritative information, but Shinobi602 before this explode makings history is quite honest, also be this it seems that rely on chart. So the issue came, how does everybody rip Ao Ding’s play to look to hand of Europe of north of Kui father march to?

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