World center is not had manacle 3D to imagine your work ” Tian Yu ” Long Yuan forms exploration

As April of the footstep come gradually, without manacle 3D to imagine your work ” Tian Yu ” complete system is public measure also be about to shake open. In Bencili the version of Cheng tablet type is updated in, exceed Qing Dynasty to draw qualitative, star to fall besides 4K county besides the rich content such as expression of Yan Yi of open, 2 dimension, the masterstroke gut of game also opens the battle to deep of dragon of the 5th chapter eventually, mysterious giant deep of Raid carbon dragon, also show its true face eventually.

Long Yuan, this is located in the ground with summerly mainland mysterious center, it is the place of the sleep deeply of human Palladium Zu Long, the center of the world is here, emerge using laic and sealed transcendental power, if common biology is stood by easily, can be gobbled up by this force place, actual strength is only brutal and unreasonable be like dragon a group of things with common features, ability is able to live here. Long Yuan is just as is small those who shrink is microcosmic, the extremely cold place that already glacier is enclothed, also have lava everywhere broiling area, be in habitat this biology is not in those days the bodyguard with ancestor loyal and devoted dragon, it is actual strength bloodcurdling divine animal, only true adventurer just dares to head for Long Yuan one dug unexpectedly.

As game first giant RAID carbon, long Yuan is having exceed large carbon map, 6 large area and tens of brand-new BOSS, brought unprecedented transcendental challenge, dragon deep carbon and game are newest at the same time gut is linked together cheek by jowl, 5 emperor god implement emersion and god implement the choice of successor destiny, will get solution here. Players are in the course that challenges dragon deep carbon, the feeling view that experiences interactive film form, each BOSS in carbon are having elaborate design, come on stage even theirs even means is original, for example players come in the challenge when area of guard of lava armor dragon, will be in magma everywhere lava area, those who perform a filled with apprehension is big escape kill, realize unprecedented exciting risk.

Like the carbon of associate with, long Yuan also is having rich exploration content and riddle element, as a result of the map big unprecedented, because these each area can have,conceal painted eggshell not less, and the mechanism trap that expect letting a person is less than, players get likely even before seeing BOSS not small blow. Carbon is medium at the same time each BOSS, having of great importance antecedents background, they are mixed with Zulong mostly masterstroke gut be closely bound up, accordingly its actual strength all doughty and unusual, this is pulled to players say, it is the limit challenge that test group cooperates,

Complete system is public measure will raid in April, epic step is giant carbon dragon deep is luxuriant open, come along quickly ” Tian Yu ” the ultimate challenge with unprecedented experience.

” Tian Yu ” be by research and development of atelier of Netease Pan Gu large without manacle 3D to imagine MMOPRG. Last a period of time 6 years, had cost 100 million, regard class of Netease year strategy as work, ” Tian Yu ” invite well-known writer Changjiang Delta one case structural frame east imagines the world, design 16170000 ㎡ to not have seam a map, day and night is alternant, picturesque; innovates the scenery mode of traditional RPG battle, blend in behavioral element, emphasize cooperate, the passion that brings a player to provide the super carbon that challenges a gender, 1000 people to be the same as screen extremely still designed double flight, part inside game of feudal battle; the rich system such as construction of private and custom-built, labour union plays a way. Content is rich, have naturally greatly can play!

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