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Suffer from on after urethritis, the patient’s life got great influence, because urethritis patient is in pee when can feel urethral mouth is aching, and return the problem that meeting existence n/meds having blood in his stool. Want to adopt medicaments of the diminish inflammation that fight bacterium only when treating urethritis, because urethritis is virus,attack the inflammation disease that urethral mouth place causes. Moxibustion is the method of a kind of treatment that the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to go up to often be used, so the patient suffers from on after urethritis, can you adopt the method of moxibustion?

Urethritis is OK moxibustion

1, urethralForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Phlogistic moxibustion what point

Does urethritis of moxibustion of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine take acupuncture point: ? Fan ”  of ⑵ of arc of Xue of  of ⑷ of  of bits of ⒅ of  of divinatory symbols of pigheaded ⒐ of  of ⒚ of curtain of catfish of ⑸ of Mei Xian ā ! Acupuncture point of  shuttle S.

Moxibustion method: ?  in all the moxibustion of acupuncture point shift of abdomen of waist of? of  of  of deficient of favour of dusk of  of difficult Tan of mixed league of tip of cultivate ㄎ Huan is not little at 40 minutes, the acupuncture point moxibustion of limbs, 15-20 of every acupuncture point minute. Gentle moxibustion can, avoid scald.

Its effect: ? Be troubled by comfort captive of part of the day lukewarm? of carboxyl of ㄊ of  of divinatory symbols of discharge of Ba Dian F washing with watercolors is located in in the middle of abdomen line, below hilum 3 inches. This acupuncture point is small1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Of bowel ” collect acupuncture point ” , sufficient 3 shade classics, Ren Maizhi is met, the place of a suit vigour. Alias ” the pubic region ” . The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to think, guan Yuanji place is really in relief place the house, part that spends raw energy energy of life. Moxibustion Guan Yuanneng makes Qing Yang rises, chaotic shade drops, yuan in relief warmth, haemal plentiful, can earth up kidney to originally this, filling gas answers this world,

Urethritis is OK moxibustion

2, how does the female prevent urethritis

The first, notice individual sanitation is used to, decrease protect the use number of mat, protect the permeability of mat poorer, bring about vaginal bacterium very easily to breed in great quantities, occurrence inflammation reacts, urethritis arises very easily also from this. At the same time female friend also should notice, going after the toilet, should by after heading for, wipe, prevent anal bacterium to be taken urethral mouth place, cause urethritis.

The 2nd, the habits and customs with good nurturance, notice the vagina is wholesome, but cannot excessive according toLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Bilk medicaments lotion, clear water of every daily expense undertakes cleaning but, lotion destroys the vagina very easily normal bacterium group grow.

The 3rd, make sure oneself have sufficient breathing space, cannot excessive overworked, excessive overworked can bring about airframe immunity force to drop, inbreak to the bacterium creation good condition.

3, how does the male prevent urethritis

The first, enjoin patient avoids pussyfoot of sexual behavior; before was not cured, do not eat hot food, water more.

The 2nd, necessary segregation has been done in the family, crock of bath towel, washbasin, bath, implement commencement of divide into equal parts is used, or the disinfection after using.

The 3rd, tell a patient what is security behavior, what is dangerous sexual behavior, how to avoid dangerous sexual behavior.

Urethritis is OK moxibustion

The symptom of female urethritis

1, lumbago, the disease is one of common causes of lumbago all round kidney and kidney. When nephritic coating, renal pelvis, ureter gets stimulation or tensional raise, all can make the waist produces aching feeling. All round kidney and kidney inflammation, all round the abscess that be like kidney, kidney all round phlogistic, kidney pyelonephritis of abscess, acute, often cause the waist to last acuteness bilge painful, the lumbago that chronic pyelonephritis causes often is ache.

2, acute cystitis, have disease urgent, frequent micturition and make water are urgent very apparent, horary micturition 1-2 second, even 5- second above, when micturition urethral have burn feeling, every time micturition capacity is not much. Micturition eventually end can have next abdominal ache, see blood in the urine sometimes. Often affect a symptom without apparent whole body, but few number patient can have lumbago and low heat.

3, uric fluid is unusual, uric road infection can cause the unusual change of uric fluid, have bacterial make water, pyuria, hematuria commonly amiable make water.

4, micturition is unusual, typical symptom is make water urgent, make water painful, frequent micturition, scarce urinary incontinence or retention of urine.

5, much make water, what the chronic kidney function that chronic pyelonephritis causes fails is inchoate can have much make water, later period can appear little make water or anuresis.

Male urethritis symptom

1, there is urethral lipstick in the earlier meeting of male urethritis swollen, have urethral exudate, when beginning, be agglutinant, the sex that it is pus can turn after.

2, male urethritis patient is in earlier when the symptom that can the resistance such as fatigue, cold drops, and have feculent sexual life.

3, the male is urethral mucous membrane diffuses sexual hyperaemia, oedema, Forum of Shanghai night net

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Some moment can form ulcer, this also is one of symptoms with common urethritis.

4, male urethritis is in earlier when can have a fewOnShanghai night net

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Of micturition unusual, in male pee when can have burn painful, the area on urgent, pubic bones and perineal place have frequent micturition, make water fitful is aching, urethral place presses the symptom such as tenderness.

5, male urethritis is in chronic period when urethral secretion can decrease, assume tenuous position, but be in urethral and aculeate the feeling with painful feeling and uncomfortable micturition.

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