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After little baby, the complete body and mind of parents attacks to go up in the body of little baby, like He Xiaobao treasure one case amuse oneself teases together. To a lot of parents, be opposite for him expression of little baby love, like to breathe out to little baby very much dear little baby. Have the parent discovery of little part subsequently, the oral cavity interior of little baby also has halitosis problem to exist. What does mouth of so little baby enrage what the problem is to cause a reason to have again?

Darling tone is smelly

Baby bad breath is how to return a responsibility

Is baby bad breath how to return a responsibility? Almost the experience that every adult has bad breath too, baby bad breath is not scarce also, often make the parent afraid unceasingly. Really, this kind of concern is not redundant, baby bad breath may be the reaction of certain and potential disease, father mother but must cause take seriously. We understand a few big reasons that bring about baby bad breath below!

1, there is the food that accumulates grandma or stockpile inside oral cavity residual fail seasonable and abluent;

2, the tooth has big caries hole, there is corrupt contamination; inside

3, gum agnail, haemorrhage, or have; of gum fistula come to a head

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Darling tone is smelly

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Antrum ulcer, tonsil phlogistic, pharyngitis. Food is residual, necrotic organization and purulent fluid get after bacterial action, produce indole, sulfur hydrogenous radical and amine, can send out a corruptive halitosis.

5, rhinitis, paranasal sinus is phlogistic, filling in the eyewinker to nasal cavity causes rhinitis, nosebleed and send halitosis when darling amuse oneself also is common cause.

6, a kind of indigestion that place of obstacle of gastric bowel function causes, often smell when belch this kind of sour taste. Darling eats sweetmeat, high protein, fast adipose food too much to often also send halitosis.

7, if darling suffers from tympanitis to also can bring about halitosis.

Darling tone is smelly

Baby bad breath wants how to be treated

One ask for a favor has small treasure smelly smelly flavour comes over, make sincerely hemp hemp headaches, baby bad breath is very big because digest a disease to cause,the reason is, so how does baby bad breath want to treat?

When discovering darling has bad breath, mom had better take him to make an inspection to the hospital, those who eliminate darling to contract the disease such as dyspeptic, dental caries, nasal cavity, oral cavity, periodontosis is likely, reentry has the cure of specific aim and medicaments recuperation all right. When pathological changes is cured, the halitosis of darling also can disappear by oneself. When cure, must fall in the doctor’s guidance reasonable with medicine.

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Constant in the life, want to teach darling nurturance good habits and customs, 1 year old of the following babies, be after lactation or everyday in the evening, mom application gauze dips in oral cavity of darling of Wen Shuiqing clean, some of warm boiled water perhaps is fed to rinse oral cavity;1 after lactation year old above darling mights as well in everyday in the evening, drink some of warm boiled water, or withLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Gargle of weak brine gargle, also can try to brush his teeth with finger tooth brush;2 year old the darling of above, OK oneself learn to brush one’s teeth, nevertheless, to assure to brush his teeth effectively, return so that finish below mom’s help. In this one phase, the good convention that mom wants to foster his morning and evening to brush one’s teeth just is principal!

Additional, parents want to notice, do not let darling eat not clean food at ordinary times, icky and fat thing do not have before sleeping especially. Make darling much eatShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Some fruit and vegetable, increase cellulose, vitamin, can promote alvine path peristalsis, reduce constellation, also be helpful for the disease such as bowel of stomach of prevention and cure and oral cavity so, prevent the happening of baby bad breath.

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