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After female friend took prophylactic, having a few is possible meeting haemorrhage, because the side-effect of medicaments is caused,this is, because prophylactic basically is progestational hormone, can cause backtrack sex haemorrhage, it is a week can disappear automatically commonly. Besides after taking drug, bleed, possible still meeting is being accompanied disgusting, make tired and menstruation is not moved and menstrual quantity is little etc, these are the side effect that take prophylactic to may be brought.

After eating prophylactic, bleed

The haemorrhage after eating prophylactic is how to return a responsibility

It is different that urgent prophylactic follows general prophylactic, take urgent prophylactic to bringForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The remedy that have pulls out the gender bleeds, and the progestational hormone that urgent prophylactic is a kind of large dose, the likelihood is after taking drug those who create endocrine standard is disorder cause period maladjusted. . The attention does not take this drug as far as possible after, still can have the following symptom besides haemorrhage.

1, disgusting: Different medicaments occurence rate is different, disgusting and general do not exceed 24 hours continuously.

2, vomit: Different medicaments occurence rate is different.

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Irregular uterus bleeds: Some are lady’s the meeting after medicine has vaginal a bit to bleed, need not handle commonly.

4, menstrual change: Most woman menstruation can come on time wet, also have one part woman menstruation shifts to an earlier date or defer.

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The room bilges painful, have a headache, giddy, lack of power etc, these symptoms are general slighter, duration does not exceed 24 hours.

The expert reminds: Profess to convinced is urgent after prophylactic, inside this second menstruation cycle, do not use contraceptive recurrently sex. If have sex again, should use groovy method to use contraceptive. Expire like occurrence menstruation, answer to see a doctor to the hospital, do gravid test, in order to define whether critical contraceptive failure.

After eating prophylactic, bleed

Ate prophylactic to bleed how to do

How to eat prophylactic to bleed to do? A lot of women that do not know are met very anxious, after eating urgent prophylactic actually, bleed it is normal to belong to.

Urgent prophylactic can make next time menstruation adjourns, also can make next time menstruation shifts to an earlier date. The period that the side-effect of urgent prophylactic includes to cause is disorder, general course 2- – 3 cycle can return to normal gradually. Urgent prophylactic can now and then use, cannot replace groovy contraceptive method. Prophylactic cannot exceed 3 times inside a year, can use only between every month, best and other contraceptive measure.

As a result of individual difference different, the reaction of the person that take urgent prophylactic also differs somewhat. After a few female is being taken, the meeting inside short time has the vagina to give hematic happening, if haemorrhage quantity and at ordinary times menstrual amount is similar, can regard its as menstruation. If haemorrhage quantity is very few, do not need to do any processing, but still need to notice to use contraceptive, until next time menstruation comes wet.

After eating prophylactic, bleed

A week of the haemorrhage after eating prophylactic is regular

If after eating prophylactic, left and right sides of a week bleeds, be also be it is normal to belong to, the action that is this kind of urgent prophylactic causes, prophylactic basically restrains oviposit namely, sanguinary word is the delegate uses contraceptive to had succeeded, also call the backtrack sex that prophylactic causes haemorrhage, come hematic quantity is to mix period blood amount is similar, want to notice good vagina is wholesome, prevent the happening of disease of department of gynaecology.

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The estrogen level that the face contains some is very high, the menstrual cycle garrulous that brings about female friend easily is random, the haemorrhage that backtrack sex can bleed after eating prophylactic so is normal, take use contraceptiveLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Medical word should notice that he cannot eat regularly, can eat one year 3 times only at most, eat much also can affectShanghai Long Feng forum

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