[wild dog vaccine can defer a few days] _ gives or take an injection – of _ period of efficacy

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Wild dog vaccine cannot be made in order to defer, after be being bitten by the dog commonly, undertake with respect to need wild dog vaccine just has the effect injecting immediately, more than 48 hours are injecting wild dog vaccine does not have the effect, hope everybody wants to have the injection of wild dog vaccine immediately after be bitten by the dog at ordinary times, and should notice the sanitation of cut, because of two teeth hole can appear to imprint after biting, we should have done relevant remedial method according to the doctor’s opinion.

Wild dog vaccine can defer a few days

Vaccine of 1 wild dog can be deferred how to long be hit

Vaccination as far as possible on time, want to defer really, alsoLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Should dominate the time that postpone as far as possible short, general vaccination is deferred it is better to do not exceed a month. Vaccine had better be in the child completely healthy position comes down to hit, if have,be diarrhoea, the phenomenon with serious eczema had better not make vaccine, potential risk hidden danger is very tall, if the child falls ill to had been done not have all the time, do not consider time issue, no matter vaccinal and vaccinal time goes how long, before getting the doctor allows, scarcely wants vaccination.

Wild dog vaccine can defer a few days

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The 2 adverse effects that delay dozen of wild dog vaccineForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The influence arrives from the back vaccinal vaccinal child wants vaccinal very much vaccine, if the epidemic disease in frontA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The seedling postpones time too long, bring about from the back the time turn things upside down of vaccinal have an inoculation, whole vaccine plans to be thrown into confusion, even all readjust, wasted more time. The vaccine that if defer have an inoculation,cannot receive the antibody of defence disease in time is too much, because did not get the antibody of defence disease in time,that child is met, the risk that contracts virus increases greatly, probable infect because of what do not have seasonable vaccination and cause a disease.

Wild dog vaccine can defer a few days

3 vaccine have a demand to season

Some vaccine have seasonal demand, second head is for instance vaccinal, annual 7, 8, 91000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Month all cannot vaccinal; annulus shape virus is vaccinal in Qiu Dong diarrhoea of Ji Lun shape sends period high to should not be vaccinal; 5 couplet vaccine expires not vaccinal, cannot again vaccinal 7 price of; are pneumonic and vaccinal, vaccinal month age different, whole have an inoculation plans to want likely to adjust. This shows, if was done not have June on time vaccinal second head is vaccinal, can wait for 3 months again only, should arrive ability is vaccinal in October.

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