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Article introduction

Husband and wife is in sexual life respect when still should notice more abstemious, the body with such bilateral to husband and wife word is to have first-rate, can injure oneself body otherwise, especially to male friends this kind of harm can become more a few more remarkable, what do not undertake adopting sexual intercourse again is in when oneself after ejaculation, avoid what the quality of itself spermatozoon and amount drop somewhat to let his, cause the condition of sexual dysfunction.

Ejaculation hind can restore a few days

Control a standard oneself

Stop appropriately. The male should learn to dominate the sentiment before ejaculation freelyingly, before the climax comes, can realize immediately and suspend an action in time, keep dormant 30, 60 seconds, at the same time hold back at a heat. This conduces to reduce sexual excitement apparently, make the male unapt reach a climax so quickly.

Extruding law

Both sides of male and female can practice extruding law. Before male near at hand will ejaculate, this requirement suspends all actions, next female need presses the root ministry that presses male penis with big toe, forefinger and middle finger, maintain 3, the time of 4 seconds, or it is to press press glans place to also can have same effect.

Ejaculation hind can restore a few days

External use law

If be man premature ejaculation,bring about ejaculation premature, premature ejaculation is the commonnest man sexual dysfunction, about 1/3 married man is in on different level once or trouble for this all the time. The man can be inFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
Before of the same branch of a family 30 minutes use the agent of delay time gush that treats premature ejaculation, be like agent of mist of the oil gas at the beginning of the person. Agent of gush of use delay time, make glans temporary desensitization, extend sexual time, achieve the goal that defer ejaculates.

Weapon standard

If be impotent,bring about ejaculation premature, impotent incidence of a disease takes grown man 50% the left and right sides. Male sexual dysfunction includes sexual desire to drop, erect orgasm and functional obstacle, ejaculation function obstacle, penis is fatigued and weak functional obstacle, erect among them functional obstacle is sexual dysfunction of the commonnest manForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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. Aid suddenly through using implement, extend sexual time thereby, defer ejaculates.

(1) practices time: As long as both sides is glad, the man erects to also be no problem, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friendForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Had better practice above 3 times every week. The key is not to force his to erect, if erect,difficulty reduces training number, be like every week 2. Specific trainingFall in love with the sea

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The plan will introduce in succession at the back.

Ejaculation hind can restore a few days

(2) attention centers: Attention is centered on the penis and scrotum, feel its strut, contented, excited or other sense, he worries about no longer or dread so ejaculation is too fast, spouse disappointment, the spouse helps you whether gladly practice waiting for a problem. Once his attention is dispersive or move, be about to rise centrally afresh instantly, can imagine attention what go up for arena to chase after smooth lamp, once leading role is mobile the position, lamplight catchs up with immediately, after then he is taking a look, can return afresh again pay attention to arouse / on intense level, such ability assure the effectiveness of practice.

(3) stops to stimulate time: Once stimulate ejaculation,should stop to stimulate when the feeling is impendent, let arouse / intense level is sufficient subsidise, but will not make erect again disappear, stop 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 90 seconds to differ, the specific condition that should treat an individual will decide. If1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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New stimulation 1 ~ must stop again inside 2 minutes, so be about to extend stopping time appropriately.

The activity when stopping: Communicate briefly with the spouse, connection; is loosened and enjoy in order to maintain bilateral affective drop, evocative feeling; deep breathing loosens; to pilot of practical experience ejaculation experiences; or lie over with the help it whats do not work is OK that whats do not work.

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