[cookbook of children nutrition soya-bean milk]

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Rise to be able to drink a cup of soya-bean milk, not only the nutrient value because of soya-bean milk is high, the protein part that because be contained inside soya-bean milk,returns is more, and overmuch to won’t making human body arises for human body quantity of heat, for grandma of opposite Yu Niu, the calorie that soya-bean milk contains is less, to children, also suit quite, so what does cookbook of children nutrition soya-bean milk have?

Cookbook of children nutrition soya-bean milk

Soya-bean milk contains rich high grade protein and the microelement that a variety of human body place need, and the albumen in soya-bean milkShanghai noble baby

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Vegetable protein, in Euramerican enjoy ” vegetable protein flesh ” beautiful praise. Value of soya-bean milk nutrition and milk close, protein content is as high as 2.56% , even taller than milk. Soya-bean milk still contains a lot ofcalcic, phosphor, iron to wait mineral, the content of iron is 25 times of milk. Children tipple soya-bean milk is beneficial healthy growth, but a year old of the following cheeper just can drink soya-bean milk, and cannot drink more.

Cookbook of children nutrition soya-bean milk

Cookbook of soya-bean milk of 5 beanses red jujube

Raw material: Soya bean, black soya bean, lima-bean, pea, pignut, red jujube, clear water is right amount.

Make a way:

1, immerse pea of soya bean, black soya bean, lima-bean, pignut together 6, 16 hoursSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
, reserve.

2, will red jujube is abluent1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Go nucleus.

3, in loading red jujube guard of machine of LB soya-bean milk with the 5 beanses that had immersed, clear water is added by the regulation inside cup body, receive electrify source ten minutes, soya-bean milk of 5 beanses red jujube has been done.

Cookbook of children nutrition soya-bean milk

Little hint:

1, when the soya-bean milk that boil, the foam that soya-bean milk surface produces is caused easily ” false boil ” phenomenon, actually right now temperature is less than 100 degrees, and drinkable the soya-bean milk that did not thoroughly cook can make philtrum poisonous, because this is boiled,Wu assures boil 5 minutes surely when soya-bean milk above ability but drinkable.

2, soya-bean milk is unfavorable with fruit juice together drinkable, because fruit juice is medium,the protein that the vitamin C that contain a lot ofmakes soya-bean milk easily medium condenses, cause abdominal distension, stodgy.

3, soya-bean milk shoulds not be hollow and drinkable, best collocation a few carbohydrate together edible, for instance the small mug-up such as steamed bread, biscuit, the nutrition that such ability make soya-bean milk mediumA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Material is absorbed adequately by human body.

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