[the practice of the daily life of a family of hemp hot carp]

Article introduction

Because the carp contains very rich vitamin D, high grade protein and all sorts of nutrition component that have profit to human body health. Together with its are old little all appropriate, flavour is delicious wait for a characteristic, so more and more people in real life like to eat a carp. Of the carp eat a law to have a lot of among them hemp hot carp is one the most welcome kind eatsOnFall in love with the sea

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Law. The daily life of a family abstains hemp hot carp not only nutrition is rich, and the feeling that has the home particularly, so specific how to want to do?

The practice of the daily life of a family of hemp hot carp

Practice one

Feed capable person:

Carp 850g, blend oil, salt, old smoke, essence of anise, Chinese prickly ash, Yuan Zhen candy, cooking wine, chicken


1. carp is cleaned clean, the surface wipes salt, put cooking wine, jiang Pian, adj/LIT wide of chopped green onion is made half hour

2. prepares data: Gan Gongjiao, jiang Pian, garlic, anise wait

Warm-up of 3. oily boiler, enter a carp, medium baking temperature decoct blast

4. turns over a face to continue decoct. Enter data: Garlic, gan Gongjiao, chopped green onion. Add purify of right amount cooking wine fishy smell

5. is joined right amount often smoke. Enter clear water. Salt, candy, gallinaceous essence. Conflagration is boiled, small fire is slow boil

6. waits for juice of the soup in boiler to become little to become ropy can piece boiler

The practice of the daily life of a family of hemp hot carp

Practice 2

Feed capable person:

Carp, ginger, shallot, chop any of several hot spice plants, anise


1 handle the carp clean.

2 ginger section, shallot is mincing, chop any of several hot spice plants gets ready.

3 have on piscine body cut a few hole convenient tasty.

4 will clean fish, put orderly in porcelain dish, put Jiang Pian, lidFall in love with the sea

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Boiler builds steam on 20 minutes on.

5 evaporate fish of 20 minutes is opened, put chop any of several hot spice plants to be on piscine body, the boiler on the lid is built, again evaporate 10 minutes.

Good fish carries 6 evaporate to put chopped green onion, put aside, put pannikin on fire, oil of two spoon edible is put in boiler, burn oil hot, put hemp any of several hot spice plants, anise, scamper gives fragrance to come.

The oil with 7 good blast, go up into piscine body, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Hemp hot carp has been done so.

The practice of the daily life of a family of hemp hot carp

Practice 3

Feed capable person:

Carp, bean sprouts 1 jin, chopped green onion 10 root, ginger 1 two, Chinese prickly ash right amount, egg 1, alone garlic 2, caraway 2, chili, oily a few, salt a few, balm a few, gallinaceous essence a few, bad news is oily a few


1. parts cruelly oppress of piscine head fishbone first, piscine head is put together do not need souse

2. general cruelly oppress is inclined knife slice

3. puts the fish and meat that has cut in a bowl alone, join starch of green ginger garlic souse of egg of saline chicken sperm 15 minutes

4. washs bean sprouts clean put into water of the scald in boiler to thoroughly cook, next what fish out puts in big bowl is bottom

Right amount oil is put in 5. boiler, issue thick broad-bean sauce next (2 spoon) the root is worn put into chili of Chinese prickly ash of green ginger garlic to fry a fragrance

After 6. fries a fragrance turn over the boiler below fishbone of piscine head root directly small fire is changed to be boiled slow 5 minutes after frying half minutes to add water to be boiled next (the flavour burden is boiled come out)

7. this piscine head of moment is already ripe the fish out on the horse is put in bean sprouts above

After full fish out of 8. fish head the cruelly oppress below finally, the time that cruelly oppress cooks cannot very long, water opens second half minute be put in fishbone with respect to fish out so above, such tasting administrative levels feels (most above it is the flesh it is the tenderest, fishbone is among, underground is bean sprouts)

After 9. fish out comes pour flavour of soup mix up into the bowl finally in

10. is scattered then on caraway of chopped green onion

11. drenchs to last pace oily, wash pan clean putLove Shanghai is the same as city forumShanghai Long Feng forum

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Put dry chili and Chinese prickly ash at the same time into a dozen spoon oil small hot sweet · cannot too long lest chili blackens, smell above the fish that fragrance a moment ago been boilinging, because oil is very hot,go up when can hear ~ of give a talking-to, had been done.

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