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Mention the word of donkey-hide gelatin, the female is not unfamiliar. Donkey-hide gelatin is having enrich the blood very well and the effect of preserve one’s health, and maintain to the female’s skin also have profit very much, a lot of females are met at ordinary times often edible donkey-hide gelatin comes nourishingSea otter phoenix is talked onFall in love with the sea

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The body. The edible method of donkey-hide gelatin is very much also, can pour water, also can make food. Some females discover occasionally donkey-hide gelatin is met very hard. So, how should eat after all if is donkey-hide gelatin too hard?

How does donkey-hide gelatin have a way too forcedly

1, melt changes a way:

Smash donkey-hide gelatin (wrapping blob of viscose with letter paper or cloth, put on relatively hard mesa, be bungled into broken end) with hammer, take 3- – 9 grams (make an appointment with every 1/3) put cupForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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In, add rock candy touch, use boiling water or medical juice is right amount rush, agitate, put cold hind can take. Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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2, traditional method:

Take donkey-hide gelatin 250g, inside the container that smashs park to take a top, add rock candy, yellow rice or millet wine, water each 250g(or Ml) , immerse 24 ~ 48h, after having nugget to glue bate, join flesh of right amount black sesame seed, walnutmeat, big jujube, longan to wait for agitate divide evenly according to need, put into boiler to lie between water steam to make 0.5 ~ 1h, wait for its to be dissolved entirely, take out put cool, build place inside shady and cool place or freezer, daily 1 ~ 2, every time 2 spoon of 1 ~ , boiled water take medicine with water can. To lumbar genu aching and limp, be afraid of cold, easy cold, tinnitus, limply wait to all have apparent curative effect. Often feed donkey-hide gelatin with this canonical, can improve the health, defer consenescence, the action of the prolong life since


How does donkey-hide gelatin have a way too forcedly

3, dietotherapy law:

User but basis from already be fond of, cooking, fried dish, when drinking water, all can join donkey-hide gelatin edible. Be like:

① donkey-hide gelatin congee

Take 100g of polished glutinous rice to thoroughly cook, await ripe boil a bit into donkey-hide gelatin 15g, your melt changes agitate to be become namely.

Function: ? ァ of Cai of Wei of midge of Li of peach of  of  of   few?

Soup of ② donkey-hide gelatin egg

donkey-hide gelatin right amount stew change add honey spoonful, strong egg, the effect is taken before daily breakfast much better.

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Advocate treat: Cough asthma is more than, long cough not to heal, reach the disease such as asthma.

Honey of very light blue of ③ donkey-hide gelatin

How does donkey-hide gelatin have a way too forcedly

With very light blue of new water simmer in water 3, go green, into donkey-hide gelatin 2 money, add honey 2 spoon dissolve leaves, before feeding lukewarm take.

Effect: Raise shade to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, embellish bowel is aperient. Advocate treat: Constipation of National People’s Congress of old person empty is acerbity.

④ donkey-hide gelatin sweet the flesh

Make: Abluent stripping and slicing of lean lean 250g, 50g of white sugar of donkey-hide gelatin 20g is entered when stewing maturity first1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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, Chinese prickly ash is stewed 5 grains to ripe, fire relies on concentrated juice. Function: Treat anaemia.

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