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Watermelon with its small sweet mouthfeelForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Got with many moisture content the welcome of a lot of dot, but the taste of dot belongs to a weaker condition, if carelessly alimental choice, a lot of food cause the symptom of child occurrence have loose bowels and collywobbles likely, because this also does not suggest child edible crosses much watermelon, so if eating the abdomen after watermelon to appear,intense ache feels, how should alleviate?

 Watermelon ate collywobbles how to do

1. places time to grow too, deteriorated

If watermelon places time to grow too, change with respect to meeting occurrence metamorphism the corrupt phenomenon such as flavour, edible the watermelon of this kind of putrefaction, appear very easily the expression of the acute gastroenteritis such as bellyacke diarrhoea. Or, when summertime outdoors picnic or food taken late at night, ate sordid watermelon (already corrupt perhaps, or fly bug patronage crosses) , cause gastroenteritis of this kind of acute easily also. Actually, any feculent or corrupt food cause acute gastroenteritis easilyForum of Shanghai noble baby

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, just be in hotly the summer, watermelon is a kind often the food that edible deteriorates easily again stopped. If because of edible degenerative watermelon causes bellyacke diarrhoeaShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Wait for the expression of acute gastroenteritis, the proposal reachs a hospital normative make a diagnosis and give treatment.

 Watermelon ate collywobbles how to do

2. taste is frail / Xu Han’s person takes a large number of watermelon

From ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” can see to the account of watermelon property of a medicine, watermelon is cold sex fruit. So, at ordinary times taste is frail (appetite is bad) , taste Xu Han (be afraid of eat cool feed) , Yi Ji having bowel is asked for integratedly (blow insecurity of cool wind, spirit with respect to diarrhoea) person, do not suit to eat watermelon in great quantities. The ancients often says watermelon ” feed more say interest, gastric weak cannot be fed ” , watermelon ” unfavorable feed more ” , ” common people often takes his temporarily fast, do not know its the injury is lienal aidFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Wet calamity also ” . So, not be everybody suits to eat watermelon, the watermelon that pass is placed in freezer especially, this want to be written down sincerely. If because taste is frail / the diarrhoea that Xu Han takes watermelon and brings about, what Wen Zhong waits in suggesting to take the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes that join Ling, monkshood to manage is medium officinal cure.

3.Eat watermelon not to spit seed, eat go in a lot of seed

What! ? Can you also bring about bellyacke diarrhoea so? Oh, yes. When eating watermelon now and then swallowShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Go in seed of a few watermelon actually thing of it doesn’t matter, but if eat,go in the word of seed of a lot of watermelon, watermelon seed group is formed easily in alvine path, final block forms intestinal obstruction in alvine path somewhere. Do not think this is jest only, saw so clinical report know:

In these case, a lot of people were to eat one whole watermelon to did not spit seed, great majority is children and old people, the child is much because do not understand,won’t spit seed, old people falls off because of the tooth more, resolution is abate and swallow watermelon seed. Those who need an attention is, the symptom of intestinal obstruction also is with bellyacke, abdominal distension, diarrhoea or in urgent hind give priority to again, very easy by by accident examine is acute gastroenteritis or dysenteric. If you are in,afore-mentioned symptoms appear after eating many watermelon seed, reach pleaseA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The doctor tells when, in order to facilitate bright diagnose is broken.

 Watermelon ate collywobbles how to do

4. has used a large number of pesticide and hormone ” poison ” watermelon

In recent years, below the temptation of economic interest, a few melon farming violate compasses use a large number of pesticide to kill bug to protect melon, perhaps use a large number of growth hormone, swelling agent comes accelerate the ripening. Such watermelon not only mouthfeel is bad, and the risk that can create toxic diarrhoea. If be in,take food not immature, sweet or diarrhoea appears after having peculiar watermelon, asphalt is giddy, disgusting at the same time wait for a symptom, should consider whether to put in toxic problem. The net passes identify ” poisonous watermelon ” a few features are:

The olivine stripe on melon skin inhomogenous, flesh is special bright-coloured, melon seeds is white tastes however not very is sweet the watermelon with the particularly gigantic watermelon factitious figure that has above either feature, for example head end expand, among cave, the watermelon that bicephalous asymmetry is eating to feel sense of tongue having hemp

Good, the likelihood that diarrhoea appears after this eats watermelon namely reason. It is good to hope everybody can be chosen it is watermelon, good to eat watermelon, should not be much feed.

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