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Medlar leaf is to belong to Chinese traditional medicine of a kind of plant, contain fair officinal value among them, can make officinal board or and medlar leaf soup, had tasted not only, and also have certain profit via often taking pair of bodies, and the practice of the medlar leaf soup that boil also has a lot of kinds, can match together with cruelly oppress Bao soup, also can match delicate vegetable, often edible can improve disease of a few bodies, enhance body immunity power.

Medlar leaf boils the practice encyclopedia of soup

What is the practice of the medlar leaf soup that boil?

Soup of medlar leaf pork liver

Material: 300g of medlar leaf 100g, pork liver, a surname child 10 bead, ginger 5, garlic 2, wine 5g, oil, salt each are right amount


1, medlar leaf washs net drop to do moisture, a surname child abluent, ginger section, garlic pats flat;

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, pork liver is abluent section, join garlic, wine and souse of saline agitate divide evenly about 30 minutes;

3, oil is put to burn heat in boiler, explode sweet garlic piece, break up into the pork liver with good souseLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Fry about one minute of;

4, add right amount water, put a surname child boil, add medlar page, burn; again

6, right amount salt is added to flavor before giving boiler can.

Encyclopedia of practice of soup of medlar leaf Bao

Soup of end of medlar leaf fish

Material: Variegated carp end 1, pig lean lean 100 grams, medlar leaf 1 jin, Jiang Kuo quantity, salt is right amount

Medlar leaf boils the practice encyclopedia of soup


1, go to piscine end scale is abluent, decoct comes two sides is golden.

2, add water to join lean lean, Jiang Pian to be burned.

3, slow fire boils 1 hour. Before having pot next, join go the medlar leaf with abluent branch boils 5 minutes again, it is good that next salts flavor.

Encyclopedia of practice of soup of medlar leaf Bao

Soup of waist of medlar leaf sheep

Material: Ovine waist leaf of 300 grams, medlar 150 grams, cooking wine 10 grams, refined salt 3 grams, gourmet powder 3 grams, vinegar is 4 grams, bright clear soup 400 grams, balm 10 grams, green, ginger juice 15 gramsForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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1, rip ovine waist go cortical, from which piece leave, piece go lumbar foul smell, cut a;

2, water is added to burn inside spoon open 2 grams vinegar, the waist is entered below piece scald appears fish out;

3, bright clear soup is joined inside spoon, the waist is entered below piece, juice of cooking wine, refined salt, green, ginger, vinegar is burned, cast aside net surplus foam, burn to the waist piece squashy;

4, the medlar part of a historical period that finishs to had been washed is stewed ripe, add gourmet powder, fill soup bowl inside, drench balm is become namely.

Medlar leaf boils the practice encyclopedia of soup

Encyclopedia of practice of soup of medlar leaf Bao

Soup of medlar leaf cutlet

Material: Pork (thin) leaf of 100 grams, medlar 200 grams, cooking oil 2 spoon, salt 1 teaspoon, ginger 1 small, be born smoke 1 teaspoon, wheat to give birth to pink teaspoon of 1 teaspoon, gallinaceous essence 1/2, medlar 1


1, lean lean section, join salt, unripe pink and unripe smoke; of the souse that catch divide evenly

2, get off medlar leaf, clean clean, the abluent bleb that use Qing Dynasty wears medlar;

3, Jiang Si and vegetable oil are put to be burned in water, the fleshFall in love with the sea

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Piece chase a next boiler not to churn, conflagration boils 1 minute of;

4, the water in the boiler in pouring medlar into boiler together even water joins medlar leaf when boil again, join right amount salt, boil to medlar leaf soft come down can.

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