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Containing a lot ofmaximum part actually in yam is amylaceous, so many people like to use yam to make the flour that come, because yam place is contained a lot ofnot only in yam flour,have some nutrient part, and the sweet taste that has a yam more than the flour that wheat does. And the food that yam flour can make also is varied, like to eat yam flour to do alimental person, should understand how to make gift the meeting is delicious.

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How is unripe yam flour done delicious

How is yam flour done delicious

Yam can make yam cake, very delicious.

The practice of yam cake is as follows:

Characteristic ﹕ colour and lustre is golden very inviting, and very easy ripe, decoct one good, had better be hotA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Eat when, release what is held delicious.

Raw material: Yam two, egg two, flour 3 spoon, white sugar a certain number ofFall in love with the sea

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1.yam abluent, half-and-half is cut or be to cut 3 chunk (easier ripe) , next high-pressured boiler ripe evaporate is ripe, one1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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10-15 needs like minute.

2.Put the yam skin take out of warm in porcelain basin next, agitate of the shovel that use wood is sodden, edge agitate edge joins white sugarLove Shanghai is the same as a city New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Fall in love with the sea
, flour, add an egg finally.

How is unripe yam flour done delicious

3.After mix is even, knead a round mass of food, cutting board gently planish, the case that reoccupy darling takes big jelly at ordinary times child when matrix, press into each round circle or heart appearance.

4.Oily finally boiler is worn on (oil need not want a lot of, do not have oil oh) , put cake cake, two sides each decoct namely ripe.

Small stick person:

1.When yam flay agitate is sodden, must heat up, such ability can dissolve flour and white sugar.

How is unripe yam flour done delicious

2.Flour cannot be put more, and is put more the meeting is hard, not loose.

3.Yam sticks a hand quite, and had better use bit of starch. Flour also goes.

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