[eat crab small collywobbles] – of reason of _ of _ little abdominal pain

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Ate crab, if feel small collywobbles, this may be concerned filthily with food, we know and if crab is put time is too long, can cause a bacteria to cause, may cause diarrhoea at that time, cause gastroenteritis. The intestines and stomach of some people is additionally comparativeForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Relatively Xu Han, and crab belongs to a kind cold feed capable person coolly, if,say so one-time at ordinary times eating crab is overmuch, the likelihood also can cause such semiotic performance.

Eat crab small collywobbles

Eat crab small collywobbles

1 drink hot water more

Crab sex is cold, ate crab to appear when the circumstance of have loose bowels, may make the water billabong lose inside body very much, make thereby electrolyte notForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Evenly, and the much hot water that drink a dot can warm not only warm intestines and stomach, still can be moisture of human body complement, make electrolyteNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Slowly restore a balance.

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Apply abdomen eats crab collywobbles, can put in abdomen with hot-water bottle, make abdominal thaw rises, reduce the celiac keenly feel that algidity brings, next again well take a rest.

After if said to eat crab,go to a doctor is checked, abdomen all the time very ache, when the evidence that did not improve, should go to a hospital be being checked, lest the illness is aggravating, cause other diseases.

Eat crab small collywobbles

Eat crab collywobbles how to return a responsibility

Edible crosses much crab to belong to the food of cold sex, general cold sex food has oneShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Decided action pouring discharge, one-time edible passes much word, with respect to the circumstance of occurrence collywobbles of very possible meeting.

More bacterium is contained to reach in eating dead crab dead crab haveA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Kill material, these harmful material enter system inside, what can cause bowel possibly to is disorder, in reducing bowel to beneficial bacterium, appear then the phenomenon of collywobbles.

Body reason if the body belongs to allergic constitution or the person with taste cold empty eats much crab also can appear likely also the circumstance of collywobbles, still can appear more likely the body unwell symptom such as disgusting, vomiting.

Eat crab small collywobbles

Intestines and stomach is bad and OK eat crab

Intestines and stomach is bad to can eat crab, but should eat less.

The person with bad intestines and stomach eats much crab can appear very easily the symptom of diarrhoea, generally speaking, it is OK that the person eats 1 appropriately, can not eat too much, of meeting have loose bowels!

It how crab eats is better how crab eats

1, crab eats a law best to be steamed namely, steamed crab can withhold the former juice raw ingredient of crab not only, return the nutrition that can withhold crab, such eating the law is to compare nourishing.

2, when eating crab, end of the ginger that touch a point, garlic powder, feed the dressing such as vinegar, can counteract the algidity of crab, make crab tastes more delicate healthy.

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